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Current Analytics Customer?

Live Analytics Dashboard

We offer our Social Media clients a live updating dashboard for keeping track of analytic data for social media campaigns.

Our Analytics Dashboard is customized to help you monitor the metrics that matter to your organization – let us help you ensure your social media campaign is providing the results you want.

We can track hundreds of statistics across dozens of social media platforms, but our analytics dashboard doesn’t stop there. We can also integrate other metrics you are tracking to show a wholistic view of how your organization is meeting its digital goals.

Not only do these dashboards provide insight, you can also use them as a heads-up-display in your office or waiting room, an integration on your website showing how effective your organization is – the sky is the limit.

Social Media Strategy

We can help you build a Social Media Strategy from the ground up. Instead of relying on your brothers, cousins, high school friend – allow us to create a results driven social media strategy, which will actually help you reach your goals.

Without a strategy social media is just a game. With a strategy, social media can be a powerful growth tool that will help your organization reach new heights. Social media can drive sales, boost brand affinity and develop an community around your organization and it’s products.

At Troublemaker Technology Solutions, we can help you reach your goals – contact us for more information.

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