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Films on Purpose

Films on Purpose is a community organization dedicated to screening socially engaging and environmental films and documentaries in Pleasantville, NY and beyond.

We first got involved with Films on Purpose through Andrea Garbarini – who encouraged Bryan to join the planning team for the nascent Films on Purpose. From those humble beginnings, Films on Purpose has hosted half a dozen screenings to hundreds of people in Pleasantville.

We have worked with Films on Purpose to create digital and print marketing to promote the organization and their film screenings.


When Bryan first got involved with what would later become Films on Purpose, they didn’t have a name, just a vision for bring powerful and impactful films to Pleasantville. Distilling that vision down, this organization was going to bring films with a purpose on purpose to Pleasantville and Films on Purpose was born.

Bryan helped Films on Purpose create a logo that evoked it’s mission.

Social Media

We knew early on that in order to create a sense of community involvement and ownership a thriving and active Facebook presence was necessary. We worked with Films on Purpose to create a Facebook presence that shared their events and screenings, created a sense of community around social and environmental issues and lifted up issues and events to the larger community.

Print Publicity

Since Films on Purpose was to be a community organization, we utilized print publicity to great effect. Flyers and postcards were distributed around town to generate a sense of buzz and excitement. We publicized Films on Purpose events in local businesses, churches, community centers, and the local farmers market.


We worked with Films on Purpose to generate an email campaign that reaches over 300 people to publicize upcoming events, share happenings in and around Pleasantville, and connect with the wider film scene.

These emails serve as a wonderful tool for documenting screenings and promoting upcoming events.