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Pleasantville Presbyterian Church

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church is a mid sized PC (USA) church located an hour north of New York City.

We have worked with Pleasantville Presbyterian Church closely over the last 7 years, first through Bryan Bardin’s involvement as their Director of Christian Education, and more recently as a freelance digital communications director.

We love how committed Pleasantville Presbyterian Church is to spreading their warm and nurturing community into the digital realm. We also really appreciate their open-mindedness when it comes to digital experiments – as you’ll see below.


We worked with Pleasantville Presbyterian Church in the Fall of 2016 to rebuild their website from the ground up. Their new website is modern, flexible and adaptable.

We were able to offer Pleasantville Presbyterian a concierge service, not just designing and developing a mobile friendly website, but creating content that helped them tell their story from the ground up.

The Pleasantville Presbyterian Church website is closely integrated with their ministry goals and structure. The website is designed to help first time visitors feel at home when they visit the church AND to help church goers feel at home when they navigate the website.

Social Media

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church’s Facebook page is one of the main tools of their Digital Connections Ministry. Digital Connections is trying to create a community of people participating in the life of the church wherever they may find themselves.

We are helping Pleasantville create engaging social media content that is native to the platform, running detailed analytics to help Pleasantville understand the impact of their social media campaigns, and we are working to make sure that Pleasantville stays connected and thriving member of the online community.


Another cornerstone of Pleasantville’s Digital Connections Ministry is their weekly email newsletters – full of rich media, spirit-filled content, and ways to connect in the life of the church.

We build the weekly email with content and media from the live Sunday service. We create an engaging presentation of the sermon using imagery that brings the Pastor Debbie’s words to life. The email also includes links, bulletins, and discussion questions to help people engage more fully with the service.

We also use the email to highlight other social campaigns and marketing information. This provides a cross platform communication tool – highlighting the best of what Pleasantville has to offer each week.

Print Media

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church has utilized print media for evangelism and outreach very successfully for the past 6 years. We have helped Pleasantville implement a variety of direct mail campaigns; new neighbor mail, member and friends mailing, and the Post Office’s  “neighbor mail’ – delivering a postcard to every home in the zipcode.

Pleasantville has seen membership numbers increase directly because of print marketing. They use postcards to highlight special events, sermon series, and new programs.



During Pleasantville’s Stewardship Campaign, we have helped them create a video highlighting some of the stories from the past year.

These videos have helped members and friends connect more deeply with Pleasantville Presbyterian Church and it’s ministry. These videos have been a central part of how Pleasantville shares the impact of the financial gifts members make to the church.

Fun Extras

The Pleasantville Presbyterian Church community has always been open to fun digital experiments. These experiments help develop a sense of playfulness and spontaneity.

Over the years we have created animated logos, time-lapse videos, and most recently turned their logo into a digital coloring page.