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Pleasantville Ecumenical Vacation Bible School


We set up the Pleasantville EVBS with a simple website that connects parents, students and volunteers with the critical information they need to be able to plan for the week long camp.

One of the services we’ve provided is a group email address – any email sent to the group address gets forwarded to all the event planners. This allows the planning team to hand off responsibility from year to year without any changes being made to email addresses on registration forms, etc.


At Troublemaker Technology, we believe that every problem has a potential tech solution. Our Photobooth is a clear example of that premise. Pleasantville EVBS wanted a way to capture photos for publicity while entertaining kids during a fun fair. The Photobooth was born.

We created a self-running photobooth that would allow groups of people to take photos, text the image to their phone, print one out and retain the images for publicity materials in the future.