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Techno-Babble De-Obfuscation

Technology is troubling, we provide solutions. From system design to backup strategies, we do it all! Besides, our robots aren’t subject to labor laws so they will work 24/7 to keep you up-to-date.

Website Hosting and Design

Providing quick, scalable and responsive web design on every budget. Each website or web project is artisan ally made right here in the U.S.A. by fair-trade workers in our sweat-free studios.

Marketing and Social Media

We offer a wide array of digital marketing, social media strategies, and print design services. We want to help you tell your story in the digital age – campfires and storybooks optional.

Website Design

We want to help you tell your story, and we believe that a good website is CRUCIAL to spending your message.

We will work with you to develop and design a multi-deminsional approach to using digital technology to share your stories. Wether you have an existing website or not, we can work with you and your team to bring your stories to life.


We proudly build websites using the WordPress backend engine. WordPress is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, blogging platform and CMS on the planet. In early 2017, it is estimated WordPress powers 26% of the internet’s websites.

Our websites are user friendly, easy to maintain, secure and flexible. We know that we can create a website that helps you tell your story, just ask our past and current clients!


You put time and effort into creating beautiful print products that can look flat when translated online. Digital eBooks can help make your print projects POP! See some of our work here, here and here.

Other Projects

There is no shortage of ways that we can help you tell your stories online. Between social media and digital marketing, Snapchat filters and iOS apps, there are endless ways we can help you reach your target audience.

Technology Solutions

Whatever technology problem you face we provide trouble-free solutions.

Computer Set-Up

We can work with your team to develop a comprehensive hardware and software plan to ensure that the technology gets out of your way so you can get back to work!

We will work with organizations of all sizes, from helping your Grandmother with her iPad to outfitting your small business with the infrastructure you need to get work done.

System Management

Just because the technology is in place, it doesn’t necessarily mean the technology is trouble-free. We will work with you to ensure maximum up-time of your technology! We will walk with you through software updates, system management and new user on boarding.

Backup and Security

It can be a challenge to ensure that your systems are secure and backed up, but the success of your business relies on it. Don’t get caught with insecure technology or incomplete backups – we can design and implement best practices for your organization’s security and backup infrastructure.

Social Media and Marketing

We have designed a wide variety of marketing and communication media to help you tell your story to the right audience.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing can create a huge impact on your business, leading to increased web traffic, building conversions, raising brand awareness, generating positive brand affinity, and improving communication and interaction with your clients, potential clients, and the public.

But you have to have a strategy, and we can help. Whether you need a complete social media strategy, a social marketing refresher, or you want someone else to mange your social media, we can help!


A good Social Media campaign is only as strong as the data it provides. At Troublemaker Technology we work with you to create a Social Media Strategy that will track analytic metrics that impact you. Whether it’s user acquisition, increasing sales, or even just brand affinity, we can create analytics reports that help you understand your Social Media campaign.

We also have a state of the art Analytics Dashboard, which will take your analytic reporting to the next level. For a personalized walk through, contact us today!

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a vital tool in communication your organizations message. Each day you are interacting with customers, clients, and staff. These interactions together create the story of your organization – but are you telling these stories? An email newsletter can help you communicate the ways you are engaged with your community!

Whether you want help strategizing and setting up an email marketing program, or if you want someone to create the emails for you, we can help. Contact us and we can cater a plan for your organization and situation.

Print Marketing

Even in this digital age, Print Marketing is a necessity for ensuring your message reaches the fullest extent of your target demographic. The reality is that regardless of how effective, attractive, and pervasive your digital marketing strategy is you still need printed materials from time to time. We can help you develop, design and implement print marketing materials that will fulfill your marketing goals.

Time and again, we have been surprised by the results of direct mail campaigns. Our guess is that when a postcard or mailing arrives, it can be pinned to a fridge or bulletin board in a way digital marketing campaigns just cannot. Ask us if a postcard campaign can help your organization.

Engaging Videos

Videos show much higher engagement levels than other types of content across a variety of social networks.

We can help you craft a video or video series that brings to life your organization, campaign or event.

Other Projects

Whatever problem you face, we believe there is a technological solution!

Fun Extras

Sometimes your message or project needs a little something extra. We will work with you to create an engaging and captivating extra. We have built digital coloring pages, animated charts, digital treasure hunts and more.

These extras will help keep your audience engaged and drive traffic to your project.

SnapChat Filters

That app all those kids today are using, it’s called SnapChat, and one popular SnapChat feature is adding a filter to your photos before sending them to your friends. SnapChat filters can help you brand your event, spread your message, and connect with a wide variety of people.

iOS Messages Sticker Packs

Apple has recently added “stickers” to it’s native text messaging client and they opened it up to outside developers. We can work with you to create a stick pack that your audience can use in their text messages. These sticker packs are fun for projects, events, or brands.

Simple iOS Apps

A great, mobile-responsive website gets most organizations most of the way to reaching their audience on the move, but sometimes you want a native mobile application for sharing your message – we can help you build a mobile app for your content.

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