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Talk to your kids about this Snapchat feature!!

Last week Snapchat (the self-destructing image sharing platform) released a new feature that lets users OPT-IN to sharing their location LIVE with their Snap Chat friends.

Snapchat is a very divisive platform, mostly popular among a younger demographic — regardless it’s very much a part of todays culture. So, when we talk about Snapchat, it’s important to begin with an appreciation its role amongst peer groups.

The challenge is balancing the concern for privacy and security, especially your children’s, with the opportunity for them to connect with their peers in the means of their choosing. Growing up, we connected with AOL Instant Messenger and a second phone line — maybe you connected with Semaphore and smoke signals — but today’s youth connect with Snapchat.

That being said, this new feature potentially publishes your location to anyone. There are two big topics of conversation here — who are your “friends” and what do you share with them. And these conversations are bigger than Snapchat and absolutely critical to have with our youth.